Model Citizen started off as a personal project at the start of the 2019 pandemic. I started illustrating badges, the former girl scout in me appreciated this, as a way to give myself and friends props for the small things, the lazy things, the things that were being labeled as unproductive during the pandemic.
It took off into a website, where people could view the original badges, read about the project, and see different ways they can be used. I wanted the badges to be accessible and shareable in the digital world since we all went online, so I created a sticker app available for iOS so that people can send the badges as a sticker in iMessage. I also included a GIF pack that can be used on Instagram Stories for people can share them when they earn any of the badges I've created. 
It was a fun and playful way to remind people that being at home isn't as bad as it seems. Model Citizen also serves as a call to action to take the pandemic seriously, and to do their part as a model citizen.
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