In October of 2021, The Outrage moved locations in Washington D.C. For the move, a number of items needed to be redesigned to match current brand standards and give the physical space a look and feel that reflects the mission of The Outrage.

We worked as a team to make decisions on exterior signage, interior vinyl installs, and other impact points throughout the store. 

Exterior Needs
In order to move into the space, we needed some signage on the windows of the new space that served two purposes: One, to let the public know that we'll be moving in. Two, to hide the interior space as we organized and sorted through the mess that is moving.
The solution was to utilize our brand colors, icon system, and voice to create these large window clings that covered hid the contract work and other finishing touches that were being done in the space.​​​​​​​
In a similar fashion, we needed to let the public who were still shopping at our original space know that we would be moving into a new location. 
We created a playful line drawing of a map that showed where we would be going. Since we were only moving two blocks north, the map was a great way to show our move.
Our exterior sign was updated to match our current logo. It's a square sign that includes raised a version of our logo.
Interior Needs
For the interior, we needed to update the space with impact points that showcases who we are and what we do at The Outrage.
We started off with our Mission Wall. This was done as a vinyl installation with information about what we do, and how we achieve our goals as an organization that is rooted in activism. 
An important part of the work we do at The Outrage is collect mutual aid in-store to help out non-profits and local community orgs in D.C.
In order to better educate our community members, we created a "Mutual Aid Roadmap" that breaks down what mutual aid is and the different forms it takes. Below the large poster are collection bins where community members can bring in items for the various orgs we support.

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